May 5 Midweek Devotions

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Sermon:           Do not Be Troubled, Do Not Be Afraid          

Theme:            We are called to learn to find strength in the wisdom of the Advocate and to draw our strength from the knowledge of God that flows from the Father.   

Purpose:          We will seek to live in connection to God’s love and presence.       

Scriptures:       John 14:18-31 Jesus promises not to leave the disciples “orphans” and promises the Advocate.

Questions: How do we enter into the relationship with Jesus that frees us from fear and anxiousness? What practices are needed in order that we may experience the connection with God through the Advocate? In what ways does the promise of Jesus never leaving us orphaned actually work to provide us peace and security? What does this mean for us as we deal with the challenges and stresses of our lives?

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