May 16 Virtual Worship Service

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Sermon:           “Struggles With Relationships”          

Theme:            We learn and grow through the struggles and stresses of relationships as we seek to find direction from God and understanding that enables us to heal.      

Purpose:          We will accept and own our difficult relationships.  

Scriptures:       Acts 1:15-17, 21-26     The disciples decide how to deal with the betrayal of Judas and their numbers.

                        John 17:6-19   Jesus prays for the disciples and the trials that they will face.

Questions: How do we deal with relationships which become hurtful or difficult? What does it mean to be a loving Christian while working through problem relationships? How do we develop maturity through the process of working through difficult relationships? How do we manage experiences of betrayal or personal attacks and maintain our healthy relationship with Christ? In what ways can we be better equipped to grow through problem relationships?

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