May 30, 2021 Virtual Worship

Our YouTube version of our May 30th, 2021 worship service is available by clicking HERE. We also have an audio version of the service available by clicking HERE. A bulletin for the service may be found HERE.  If you prefer the radio version for today’s service you can find it by clicking HERE.

Sermon:           “Called to Be Somebody”       

Theme:            God’s call enables us to have a role which gives our lives meaning and shapes us as whole and joyful people.

Purpose:          To learn and embrace that our identity comes from submission to God and service to others.

Scriptures:       Genesis 1:1-5, 26-2:3  God created the heavens and earth, and created humanity in God’s image. And then rest was given.

                        Matthew 28:16-20      Jesus commissioned the disciples to make disciples of all nations.

Questions: What does it mean to us to be created in the image of God? How does our origin shape us and determine what is really fulfilling in life? What happens when we ignore our original mission in life? How do we learn to be the people who we need to be in order that we may have fulfillment? How do we relate to God as our Creator and Source of our lives? What difference does serving make in our relationship with God and our identity?

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