August 1 Virtual and In-Person Worship with Communion

The YouTube worship service will be repeated from last year, so that we may provide time off for our production staff. Click HERE to view the YouTube Service. There is an audio version of the same service as the YouTube service, which you may find by clicking HERE. The Radio Podcast is connected to this week’s material and may be reached by clicking HERE. A bulletin for the In Person worship service may be found by clicking HERE.

Sermon:  Faith or Bread

Theme:  We receive the scriptures as a message of God’s presence and love that enables us to trust God in the things we do not know.

Purpose:  We will examine how we respond to unknown and uncertain times.

Scriptures:  Exodus 16:2-4, 9-15   The Hebrews in the wilderness complain against Moses and are fed by God with Manna.

                   John 6:24-35   Jesus chastises the crowds for their want of bread rather than the food that endures for eternal life.

Questions: How do we handle when we are uncertain about the future and unclear about how problems will be resolved? Do we trust God to provide for our needs or do we feel like it is up to us to solve our own problems? Do we see challenges and trials as a failure or something to resent or are we able to see through faith opportunities for God to be glorified? Do we live by our bread alone or do we seek the food that is the source of eternal life?

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