Transitional Pastor Update

The Transitional Pastor Nominating Committee is grateful

to have been given the opportunity to serve the congregation in its search for a transitional pastor. We are proud of our work and we believe our work is almost done. 

We have selected a pastor to serve us as our transitional pastor and are currently working on finalizing contracts. The new transitional pastor will also be meeting with Winnebago Presbytery’s Commission on Ministry later this week and Session is planning to act on this proposal on Feb 7. If everything continues on this path the new transitional pastor will be here on Feb 14 and the pastor’s first day preaching will be Feb 20. We are unable to announce the pastor’s name, etc until a little later in the process but we are confident that the pastor will serve the congregation well as we begin our transition to a permanent pastor, a process that is expected to take 12 to 18 months.

Transitional/Interim Pastor Nominating Committee

Kristina Arellano, Jim Dassow, Dave Erickson, Jolene Schry and Don Vahlsing

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