Updated COVID Protocols Begin Sunday, February 27, 2022

My Beloved – I know that the hour is late but I wanted to inform you of an important development in our life together. 

In light of Friday’s decision by the CDC to change their recommendations regarding masks, our session has revisited the issue of wearing masks at our church.  They have voted by email and have decided, by a vote of 4-2, to suspend mask and distancing requirements at the church effective tomorrow morning.

CNN Article


CDC Community Level Map


        I will address this further at the start of worship tomorrow.

Though masks are not required, neither are they outlawed.  We encourage everyone to use caution and follow their best judgement.  There are many good reasons to continue wearing masks and those who wish to do so are respected and strongly encouraged.  Likewise, those who prefer not to return to worship at this time also receive our respect and support. 

        We are committed to being the Body of Christ together for our time and place.  May God continue guiding us as we seek God’s will together. 

        While this is an important subject for us, we give thanks that the situation is not worse.  No one is bombing our homes and threatening to destroy our country.  We have much to be thankful for. 

        Tomorrow is the Feast of the Transfiguration.  Let us pray that we will each be transformed into the image of the sacrificial love of Christ and that the time will come soon when spears are turned into pruning hooks and swords are beaten into plowshares.

        May God’s peace be with us all,

        Pastor Ken.

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