Thank You for Your Support of the Fond du Lac MobilePack April 1-2, 2022

The community wide MobilePack event  was a great success.  

Churches from Fond du Lac County stood together in raising funds and packing food for the children in need all over the world. Thank you to all who participated either with your prayers, donations, or helping hands. God has shown His faithfulness through you.  Thank you.  

Through your hard work, we packed 468 boxes – 101,088 meals, feeding 277 kids for a year!

The donations raised at the event totaled $3,705, so we raised more than the needed $25,000.

Thank you everyone for your hard work and all of your support which made this event possible. Please continue to pray for the children who will receive these blessings from you all. We are so thankful that the community of Fond du Lac has supported this event.

You heard God’s call and responded in an overwhelming way. We praise God for this. Thank you!

Thank you for the monetary donations for building rental, insurance and forklift costs.

Thank you for contributions to help make this Mobilepack a success.

Photos from Friday Packing Session

Photos from Saturday Morning Packing Session

Photos from Saturday Afternoon Packing Session

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