May 15 Worship-5th Sunday of Easter

Join us in worship as Rev. Paul Zoschke leads us in worship.

Rev. Paul Zoschke has been a parish pastor since 1966. He has served churches in Racine WI and Rochester MN, Chaplain at Mayo Clinic, and Correctional Chaplain at Kettle Moraine.

You can view the bulletin here.

Sermon Title: Peace Be With You 


1 Corinthians 15:12-26

John 20: 24-31

The YouTube Service is available here. Rev. Zoschke “Peace Be With You”

The Audio Service is available here. Rev. Paul Zoschke “Peace Be With You”

The Radio Service is available here. Rev. Richard Moore, recorded on May 8, 2022 “More Than a Hallmark Occasion”

Scripture is read from NRSV Bible (New Revised Standard Version)

Permission to podcast/stream the service music obtained from ONE LICENSE,
License A-730666 and CCLI Streaming License CSPL069066 and WORSHIPCast Streaming License. All Rights Reserved.

“Peace Be With You”                                 Pastor Paul Zoschke
Children’s Time                                                       Jennifer Zander
Liturgist:                                                                   Les Mier
Song Leader:                                                             Linda Dorn

Prelude: “Diademata” arranged by Wilbur Held
Tune: Crown Him with Many Crowns, George J. Elvey, 1816-93
from “Hymn Preludes for the Pentecost Season”
Reprinted/podcast/streamed with permission under License #A -130666
All rights reserved.

The Presbyterian Hymnal #151 “Crown Him with Many Crowns”
TEXT: Matthew Bridges, 1851
MUSIC (DIADEMATA, SMD): George Job Elvey, 1868

The Presbyterian Hymnal #579 Gloria Patri
TEXT: Trad. liturgical text
MUSIC (GLORIA PATRI (Greatorex)): Henry W. Greatorex, 1851

The Presbyterian Hymnal #150 “Come, Christians, Join to Sing”
TEXT: Christian Henry Bateman, 1843

MUSIC (MADRID Spanish folk melody;
arr. Benjamin Carr, 1824; harm. David Evans, 1927,  Harm. © 1927 Oxford University Press
Reprinted/podcast/streamed with permission under License #A -130666
All rights reserved.

Offering: “Bradbury” arranged by Robert Cundick
Tune: “Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us”, William Batchelder Bradbury
from “Free Harmonizations of Hymn Tunes by Fifty American Composers
FREE HARMONIZATION ON BRADBURY Music Traditional, arranged by Robert Cundick © Copyright 1984 Hinshaw Music (administered worldwide by the Fred Bock Publishing Group) All rights reserved. Used by Permission
Reprinted/podcast/streamed with permission under License #A -130666
All rights reserved.

Offertory: Presbyterian Hymnal #428 “We Give Thee but Thine Own (vs1)
Text: William Walsham How, 1858
Music: (Schumann SM): Mason and Webb’s Cantica Laudis, 1850

The Presbyterian Hymnal #387 “Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us”
TEXT: Thrupp’s Hymns for the Young, 1836, alt.
MUSIC (BRADBURY D): William Batchelder Bradbury, 1859, alt.

Songs for Praise and Worship #134 “Spirit Song”
CCLI Song # 27824   John Wimber   © 1979 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing
(Admin. by Integrity Music)
For use solely with the SongSelect® Terms of Use. All rights reserved.
CCLI License # 1644445

Postlude: “Spirit Song”             arranged by John Carter
from “Today’s Hymns and Songs for Organ”
 by John Carter
(c) 1995 Hope Publishing Company
Contributors: John Carter
Tune: (c) 1995 Hope Publishing Company
Reprinted/podcast/streamed with permission under License #A -130666
All rights reserved.

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