Kiva Loan Made to Laiza from Zimbabwe

Laiza is a 24-year-old young woman. She is married with two children and is living in the Chiredzi District of Zimbabwe. She is a Camfed Learner Guide volunteering at her local secondary school, teaching a weekly life skills class. She has also grown her poultry business to its current capacity, producing about 50 broiler birds every six weeks and selling them to the local residents. Laiza would very much like to increase her sales volume to improve her income and her family’s quality of life. She will use the Kiva loan to purchase more broiler chicks and chick feed to increase production.

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Castaways Praise Band

The Castaways Praise Band were at the service on July 20th, 2014. Listen and enjoy their music.

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June 1st 2014 “Changed by Hospitality”

Sermon: “Changed by Hospitality”

Theme: Christians practice hospitality as a fundamental part of their relationships and are changed by
the relationships.

Purpose: The congregation will come to see hospitality as a fundamental part of practicing our faith as

Scriptures: 1 Peter 4:7-11
John 13:3-17, 20

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Church KIVA Loans

The Fond du Lac Presbyterian Microloan Partnership began as an extension of the First Presbyterian Church Outreach Team in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA. We invite other church members, families, friends, and anyone else believing in our mission to join us. We share a love for Christ and a passion for empowering others to eliminate poverty throughout the world.

A recent loan was to Rebecca, a married woman with five children. She is a very hard working entrepreneur. Rebecca is 54 years old and has one child who is still in school.

Rebecca KIVA Loan

Rebecca has a business raising livestock in the Philippines. Rebecca requested a PHP 12,000 loan through NWTF to buy additional livestock, feed and other supplies for her livestock.

Rebecca has been in this business for 10 years. Rebecca would like to save enough to provide a secure future for her family. More in formation on Rebecca can be found by clicking HERE.

This link HERE shows the other loans we have been involved in.

April 6th 2014 “The Courage to be Christ Like”

Sermon: “The Courage to Be Christ Like”
Theme: God calls us to practice a self-sacrificing, Christ like love that brings us closer to God as we are part
of healing and renewing the world.
Scriptures: Matthew 6:1, 5-15 Do not practice your spirituality for others.
Philippians 2:1-13 Christ submitted and emptied himself, work out your salvation with fear and trembling.
Questions: What does it mean to be “Christ like?” What is the difference between being religious and being
spiritual? What happens when you have religion that is empty of spirit? What happens when we participate
with Christ in making sacrifices for others? How are we affected by giving of ourselves and practicing Christ
like love for the world? Where do we find the courage to be like Christ? How do we offer the sacrifice of our
heart and our commitment to Christ?

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