Growing Connections Holy Disruption

“HOLY DISRUPTION” by Tracy S. Daub
Led by Chaplain Darren Beachy
Growing Connections on Sunday Mornings (Adult Program with Zoom)
Sunday Morning 10:15-11:30 am December 4, 11, 18 and Jan 8

The video of the November 27th class can be accessed here

The video of the December 4th class can be accessed here

The video of the December 11th class can be accessed here

The video of the December 18th class can be accessed here.

The Video of the January 8th class can be accessed here.

The Gospel of Mark doesn’t have a nativity story. So where’s the Advent message? It’s in every aspect of Jesus’ life, death, and beyond. The Incarnation – God comes to earth in human form to be baptized, teach, heal, eat, and die. This is what we celebrate at Christmas. Mark shows us just how radical and celebration-worthy it is! Holy Disruption presents a fresh understanding of the holiness of Christmas grounded, not in a conventional cozy Christmas message, but through Mark’s disquieting gospel. Mark invites its readers to experience God’s disruptive but transformative love for us and our world. This year our church will use the season of Advent to facilitate conversation and connection with each other and the meaning of this time in the church year.

Diabetes Awareness

Growing Connections November 20, 2022 presentation by Carol Wetzel and video by Dr. Roopa Shah

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November 13 Worship

Pastor Ken Locke is serving as our Transitional Pastor. Pastor Locke has a great deal of experience in working with congregations in transition. He will lead the congregation through a time of study and discernment that will prepare us for our next full-time pastor.

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