December 8, 8:00 Worship, 10:30 Children’s Musical “Stranger in the Manger”

8:00 AM Service
Gabriel and Zechariah
Theme: The angel brings a transforming and renewing message that will bring new life and new experience of the presence of God out of past traditions.
Sermon: “Receiving God’s Message with Gladness”
Scriptures: Luke 1:5-25 The Angel and Zechariah
Isaiah 6:1-13 Isaiah’s vision of the Holy of Holies.
Questions: What must we do in order to be prepared to receive God’s message with gladness? How do we draw strength from our tradition without being rooted in the past? In what ways does God free us to new life, no longer binding us to what has happened before? What is our message of renewal, new life, and promises of God’s presence? How do old traditions serve us today as places for new experiences of Christ’s presence?

10:30 Children’s Musical “Stranger in the Manger”
Experience the Christmas Story as presented by our Children.

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