December 1, 2013 First Sunday of Advent

Theme: The Miracle begins with a conversation between the voice of God and one who no but God would have noticed.

Luke 1:26-38 The Angel appears to Mary Angel
Isaiah 7:10-16 The Sign, a young woman shall conceive;

Sermon: “Listening for Angelic Voices”

Purpose: Instead of allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by noisy voices calling out for shopping, drinking, and running, we listen to what God speaks to us about what is really important.


What is an angel? Who is Gabriel (name means literally the “Strength of God”)? Why did God choose Mary? What does it mean to us that our relationship with Christ begins when the Angel of the Lord speaks to a peasant girl in an unimportant part of the world? Why does this story challenge us intellectually and at the same time mean so much to us? Do we believe in angels? What do we believe about the way in which God communicates to us?

Click HERE to listen to message.


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