August 31, 2014 “Welcoming the Unwelcome Guest”

Sermon: “Welcoming the Unwelcome”
Theme: As we see Christ in others it transforms us into the body of Christ that can heal and transform others.
Purpose: To bring the series to a close with a commitment to be a body of Christ who practice love and hospitality with all people.
Scriptures: Luke 15:1-10 Jesus was eating with sinners and tax collectors, rejoicing in salvation.
2 Corinthians 5:16-21 We no longer regard anyone from a human point of view.

What are we really willing to sacrifice in order to extend hospitality? What difference it really make when we offer hospitality, especially in challenging situations? In what ways was Jesus an “unwelcome guest?” In what ways is Jesus too demanding? In what ways does Christianity expect too much of us? How do we grow to where we can joyfully and lovingly offer hospitality, even when it is a sacrifice? How does growing in the ability to be gracious, welcoming, and kind change us as a church? In what ways does it change our ability to share Christ’s love with the world?


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