September 7, 2014 Time to Get Started

Sermon: “Time to Get Started”
Theme: Discipleship is the path to wholeness and joy, but requires the ongoing commitment that requires sacrifices of our ego that opens the door to growing.
Purpose: The congregation will recognize the need to shift from focusing on their negativity and instead surrender to the gift of God’s renewal.
Scriptures: Luke 9:57-62 – Those who were going to follow but were not ready to pay the cost.
Romans 13:8-14 Owe no one except to love one another; wake from sleep.
What difference does it make if we are disciples? What is it that we really want out of our relationship with Christ? Why is it that many do not see a benefit of being a Christian? What is the relationship between sacrifice and spiritual growth? How is it that many of us seem to encounter the same issues and challenges repeatedly? What can we do to move forward and actually encounter God’s presence in our lives? What can we do to make today different from the past?

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