Sunday, November 30, 2014 First Sunday of Advent (year B) “We Proclaim the Light that Is Coming”

Sermon: “The Light Will Come”
Theme: Among people struggling and encountering darkness we proclaim good news of God’s healing light.
Purpose: To motivate the congregation to share Christ’s light in the midst of all of the busy Christmas season.
Scriptures: Mark 13:24-37 Powers are broken and chaos take place as a part of the work of God.
Isaiah 60:1-6 Light has come and will shine for the nations.

How do we open ourselves to Christ’s light in the dark places of our lives? What is the light that we are craving will dawn upon us? How might we become light in the midst of the darkness that others are feeling in their lives? How do we begin to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ? How do we let go of our expectations of the way things should be and our disappointments in the way things are?

Click HERE to listen to the Sermon.

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