Sunday, January 11, 2015 Lust vs. Chastity

Lust vs. Chastity

Sermon:  The Destructive Power of Lust

Theme: We destroy our relationships through lust when we reduce another human being from being the “image of God” to a commodity, property, or something that functions only for our gratification.

Purpose: To sensitize the congregation to what makes a “monster” and to recognize the significance of what sin does in our lives.

Scriptures:  Matthew 5:27-30 Everyone who looks with lust has already sinned in their heart;
James 1:2-4, 12-17 Temptation is not to ruin us, but to teach us wholeness.

What is lust really? In what ways is it destructive to see people as property or as tools for our own benefit? Is lust destructive if we just “keep it to ourselves?” Or does lust create a monster within us, that damages relationships and causes us to be in conflict with God? What does it mean to practice “chastity?” Is chastity more than just keeping our minds off of things we shouldn’t think about? Does chastity have more to do with having a healthy view of the people around us?

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