September 6, 2015 Last Sunday of 9:00 AM Worship Labor Day Weekend Communion

Sermon: “Seeing Christ in Each Person”

Theme: Faithfully following Christ calls us to confront our own partiality and seek to be welcoming, accepting, and compassionate towards all people.

Purpose: The congregation will examine and consider how they judge and condemn

Scriptures: Proverbs 22:1-2, 8-9, 22-23 Faithfulness requires honesty and respect for all.
James 2:1-13 Being partial towards people who have signs of wealth or power is not living in Christ’s love.

In what ways do we tend to prejudge people? What are some of our weaknesses in reacting favorably or unfavorably towards people’s appearance or other mannerisms? In what ways do we need to be active in recognizing our bias and prejudice? What can we do to offset those attitudes? When is it that we have opportunities to grow in love and acceptance, particularly towards those who appear in a manner that is challenging for us? What can we do in order to be more welcoming and compassionate towards individuals whom we have previously prejudged?

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