10/25/2015 Foot (Humbly going to others)

Sermon: “Running to Share Christ’s Peace”

Theme: We are equipped to take peace to people who are troubled and afraid, in need of peace.

Purpose: The congregation will become aware of the need to carry Christ to people who are struggling with conflict and fear.

Scriptures: Isaiah 52:7-10 How beautiful are the feet of the messenger who announces peace and brings the gospel.
Ephesians 6:10-18 For shoes, put on what will make you ready to share the gospel of peace.
Are we enthusiastic to serve by sharing God’s word and peace? Are we more interested in being the center of attention and being noticed or are we more invested in seeing that the message gets to people who are struggling and in need? How do we become more invested in sharing the love of Christ than in our own status or significance? How do we deal with those who are more concerned about their personal importance than about being a part of serving Christ? In what ways is humility necessary for reaching out in love? How do we learn and grow to share that humility together?

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