January 17, 2016 Essential Tenets of the Reformed Faith

Sermon:           “What We Believe”     Theme Our faith calls us to unity and diversity, which is what makes us unique in that we are one body with many different ways of seeing what God is doing.

Purpose:          To affirm that we are diverse but brought together by the common love of Christ.

Scriptures:       John 13:31-34  I give you this commandment, that you love one another.

1 Corinthians 15:1-11 I handed down to you what I in turn had received.



Where do our beliefs about God come from? What are the authorities that we trust in order to believe? How do we handle other people holding beliefs that are different from ours? How can we be strong enough in our faith that we can allow others to see and believe differently from ourselves? Why do some attack other people’s beliefs while we are able to be respectful and open to different points of view?  How do we respond to those who are unwilling to be respectful and open to others?

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