Lenten Study

Lenten Study –   Wednesday Evening, February 10 – 7:30 – 8:30pm

Wednesday Evenings,  February 17 –  March 16 from  7:00 –  8:00pm

On Wednesday evenings over the course of Lent we will be studying the power of prayer and opening ourselves to being changed through the practice of prayer. This study will assist us to make prayer a powerful part of our lives.  We will use Richard J. Foster “Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home” which will be available through the church for $21.00 / copy. (Hardbound Edition).

02/10/2016 An Invitation to Prayer Class will be from 7:30 – 8:30 following the Ash Wednesday Service.  We will begin to examine the power of prayer in our lives.
02/17/2016 Moving Inward: Seeking the Transformation We Need We will look at the inner work of opening our hearts to God (a process of discovery)
02/24/2016 Moving Inward: Moving Towards Covenant We will look at the process of allowing God to show us our hearts and open us to covenantal  living.
03/02/2016 Moving Upward:  Seeking the Intimacy We Need We will explore prayer as a means of encountering God’s presence more fully.
03/09/2016 Moving Outward: Seeking the Ministry We Need We will understand the power of intercessory prayer and prayers of petition.
03/16/2016 Moving Outward: Healing and Transforming the World. We will encounter the power of prayer to heal and to call us to action in order to be a part of healing work.




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