2/7/2016 “By Scripture Alone” Communion

Sermon:           “By Scripture Alone”

Theme:            We are nurtured, instructed, and inspired by God’s Word, especially as we preserve the diversity of our fellowship and understanding of the text.

Purpose :          The congregation will understand that various understandings of scripture enable us to know God more fully together.

Scriptures:       2 Timothy 3:10-17       All Scripture is able to instruct and guide.

John 14:25-31  The advocate will instruct and will guide you.

Who is a part of the church?



How do we affirm the authority of scripture in our lives? Do we tend to read the bible? What difference does it make to us when people quote scripture? How do we relate to a time when many have ceased to see scripture as having authority? How do we deal with differences of opinion about what scripture means? What can we do to create a strong and healthy understanding of scripture for us today? How do we affirm what unites us while maintaining our own unique perspectives and beliefs?

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