3/27/2016 Easter Sunday

Sermon:           “The New Beginning Begins”

Theme:            Through Christ we are able to live in the wholeness of a kingdom of love, peace, and respect as we open our hearts to Jesus’ transforming work.

Purpose           The congregation will embrace living in resurrection life.

Scriptures:       Isaiah 65:17-25           The new heavens and a new earth will have peace and wholeness abound.

John 20:1-18    The Story of Mary Magdalene and the stone rolled away from the tomb.


How do we move from “an empty tomb” to experiencing the resurrection in our own lives? How do we open our hearts and minds to a proclamation of God’s love for us? How do we open ourselves to the gift of forgiveness and wholeness that transforms the world? What does it mean to us that the “lion and the lamb will lie down together?” What do we have to set aside in order to participate with Mary and the disciples in celebrating the gift of new life in the resurrection?

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