2/28/2016 Difference Between ‘Healed’ and ‘Cured.” 3rd Sunday of Lent

Sermon:           “The Difference Between Being ‘Healed’ and ‘Cured.”

Theme:            Our relationship with Christ and with one another is most important.

Purpose:          The congregation will see themselves as being healed in community and with one another.

Scriptures:       Proverbs 17:22            A cheerful heart is like medicine.

Matthew 10:1-15        Jesus sends the disciples to heal, but that was just a part of the proclamation of the coming of the kingdom of God.



What are the differences between being “healed” and being “cured” of our illness or disease?  In what ways does healing call us to move forward, and to being changed in the process? How are we called to be healers as well as to being healed? What role does fellowship and mutual support have to do with growing into healthier relationships with God, with our body, and with those whom we love? How do we draw strength from our relationship with God to overcome the suffering we may face? How do we place our focus on healing rather than gaining power over our illness or troubles?

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