3/6/2016 Physical vs. Spiritual Healing Communion

Sermon:           “Who Am I Supposed to Become?”     4th Sunday of Lent

Theme:            In seeking healing we seek God’s work to give more than freedom from illness, but a gift of wholeness, meaning, and fulfillment of God’s purpose as Christ’s people.

Purpose:          The congregation will examine themselves and seek to know their gifts and abilities for serving Christ as a way of moving beyond focus on illness.

Scriptures:       Psalm 130       I wait for the Lord, through whom comes hope for healing and wholeness.

Mark 2:1-12    Jesus heals the paralytic by forgiving his sins; so that God may be glorified.


What gives our lives real meaning? What does it mean to us that our purpose is to “Glorify God and to enjoy relationship with Him?”  How do we work towards our healing and wholeness? In what ways is the process of being healed a spiritual journey? How do we handle times when illness causes us to feel “at war” with our bodies? How do we understand the relationship between our spiritual needs and our physical needs? What does sin have to do with illness?

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