4/3/2016 We Grow in Our Faith Through Exploring What We Believe. Communion

Sermon:           “We Shall Believe”

Theme:            God invites us to explore and struggle with our doubts so that we can be in a fully joyful relationship with Christ that involves our emotions and our minds.

Purpose           The congregation will explore their faith and feel joyful about living in the midst of doubt.

Scriptures:       Acts 5:27-32    Peter and the Apostles give account of Jesus to the High Priest and Sanhedrin.

John 20:19-31 Jesus appears to Thomas and breaths upon them the Holy Spirit.


How did you come to believe in Jesus as more than simply a “historical figure?” What does it take for Jesus to be someone who matters in our lives today? What steps do we have to go through in order to experience the resurrection? How do we move from “believing” to living our lives based on the knowledge of Jesus?  What is your testimony or story of what it means to have encountered the resurrection? What would you tell the officials has been changed as a result of God’s gift of Christ’s raising from the dead?  Are you like Thomas, who needed to have an encounter with Chris that opened his mind and heart to believing?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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