4/10/2016 Worship

Through the risen Christ the veil of our personal egos, our fears, and our sins are all stripped away. Through the risen Christ we are no longer blind. Christ sheds light on the truth of our lives and the source of our salvation.

Sermon:           Jesus Asks: “Do You Love Me?”

Theme:            As we allow our ego and control to be stripped away we are able to be fully part of the compassion and love of Christ.

Purpose:           The congregation will focus on releasing their sense of power and control in order to be a part of the flow of Christ’s love.

Scriptures:       Revelation 5:11-14      The worship of “The Lamb that was Slaughtered” in heaven.

John 21:1-19   Jesus commissions Peter and the disciples to “care for the lambs” of God.


When we claim to love Jesus, what is expected of us? How is the love for God related to love for the people around us? If we love God, what is our behavior towards the people created in God’s image going to be? How is Jesus’ love demonstrated towards Peter and the rest of the disciples after they had failed and been unfaithful? Can we truly worship God and be judgmental towards other Christians? What does it mean to submit our attitudes and beliefs to Christ?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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