6/26/2016 What are we Heading Towards?

Sermon:           Hungry Hearts and Thirsty Souls

Theme:            Our hunger and thirst for what will have meaning and purpose forces us to move from stagnancy to taking risks.

Purpose:          The congregation will be aware of their hunger for God and open to new direction to reach it.

Scriptures:       1 Peter 2:1-12 Longing for the spiritual milk, the stone that was rejected

John 6:26-35   Jesus the bread of life that satisfies hunger



What is not fitting in our lives at this time? What are we hungry and thirsting for? What spiritual needs have been going unfilled? What needs to change so that we may be able to put our health in relationships with God, and the people we love ahead of the meaningless things that dominate our lives? What are the stones we have rejected that we should have made central? What are the ways in which we have allowed our identity and purpose to be lost to less important distractions?

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