6/19/2016 What are We Leaving Behind?

Sermon:           Running Away from Ourselves

Theme:            We struggle with wanting to be free of those things that close in around us that call us to growth but it is in opening ourselves to God that we begin to wrestle with what needs to change.

Purpose:          The congregation will begin to open themselves to risks and change of growth.

Scriptures:       Mark 8:34-37  What does it profit a person to gain the world and lose his life.   Those who lose will find it.

Genesis 32:22-32        Jacob wrestles with the angel as he anticipates meeting his brother and his past.


What are the issues and challenges that you wrestle with at night? What are you going to have to face at some time about yourself? What parts of your life do we need to loose so that we may find our lives? What are the places where we are resistant to change? What keeps us from being willing to risk growing and being transformed by God’s work? What do we need to release in order to be able to really live?

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