7/17/2016 Mountain Tops

Sermon:           “Amazed by the View”

Theme:            God gives us moments which put our pilgrimage into perspective so that we may be better prepared for hardships and expectations which are to come.

Purpose:          The congregation will put spiritual high experiences in perspective rather than constantly gauging their faith by experience.

Scriptures:       2 Corinthians 12:1-10 Paul speaks about his powerful spiritual experience coupled with his unanswered prayer.

Mark 9:1-10    Disciples encounter Jesus transfigured before them.



Should we rejoice and take joy in those moments when we recognize how far we have come in our growth in faith? Is it false pride or giving praise to God when we appreciate the growth and maturity that has developed in our lives? How do we balance appreciation of the spiritual highs that we have known, with dedication to faithfulness regardless of how we may feel at the time? How do we respond to our “mountain top” experiences? Who can we talk to about the wonderful moments when we have felt God’s presence? What difference does it make to our life in Christ as we recognize and appreciate those joyful and uplifting experiences?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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