10/9/2016 Compassionate Confrontation or Accepting Enabling

Sermon:           “Acting To Bring Reconciliation”

Theme:            We dedicate ourselves to working for reconciliation and healing, confessing our shortcomings, and recognizing our struggles together so that we may reflect the love of Christ.

Purpose:          The congregation will confess their failures in working for reconciliation and commit themselves to learning and growing in the love and forgiveness of Christ Jesus.

Scriptures:       Ephesians 4:25-32       Speak the truth in love, do not allow evil talk to come out of your mouth.

Matthew 18:15-22      Go to the person with whom you have the issue directly, and then work to find reconciliation.



What difference does our way of dealing with conflict make in our relationship with God? In what ways are our challenging relationships a part of the process of growing as disciples? What difference does “speaking the truth in love” make in a relationship? Why is that different from “speaking the truth?” Does this mean that we should be honest in what we feel or should we be thoughtful in what we choose to say? What does it mean to “grieve the Holy Spirit?” In what ways do conflicts between God’s people affect the people around them? In what ways does this cause grief to God?  Is Jesus serious about constantly forgiving people? How does this change the way we resolve issues with others?

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