December 11th, 2016 “Share the News: Hope is Reborn!”

Congregational Meeting following 8:00 Worship to elect officers.

Cookie Walk between services.

Sermon:           “Share the News: Hope is Reborn!”

Theme:            The source of our hope and joy is from the promises of God and the work that Christ gives us together.

Purpose:          The congregation will become less focused on the things that we cannot control and more focused on finding peace through sharing God’s love with the people around them.

Scriptures:       Isaiah 35:1-10  The wilderness shall be glad, strength the weak hands and make firm weak knees.  The eyes of the blind will be opened, the gospel will heal the land.

Matthew 11:2-11        John’s disciples inquire if Jesus is the messiah, he gives the signs of healing, proclamation, and blessing. Jesus affirms John’s role as prophet.



How can we draw strength from the coming of Christ? How do we strengthen our weak hands and weak knees? What do we have to do in order to see the coming of the love and healing of God? How do we open our hearts to the things we need during this season, such as peace, reconciliation, and comfort for our losses?  Why is it that so many of us find this such a sad season while there are so many upbeat carols and expectations that we be “merry?”  How is this a time for finding the joy of God’s refreshment and healing rather than joining in all of the activity and gaiety?  When we seek to deepen our relationship with Christ are we being selfish are is this a time for reflecting more on God’s work of grace and healing than on the external things of the season?

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