December 18th, 2016 “Such a Small Thing”

10:30 service will be the Cantata

8:00 Service:

Sermon:           “Such a Small Thing”

Theme:            Out of the smallest thing, a newborn baby, God acted to change all of creation so that we may experience God with us.

Purpose:          The congregation will see the birth of Jesus as God’s way of bringing healing in the world rather than programs, force, or other “big solutions.”

Scriptures:       Isaiah 7:10-16  Unto you a son shall be born, as a sign of God’s provision of care.

Matthew 1:18-25        The birth of Jesus, fulfilling the prophecy of God.



Why is the sign that is given for God’s action in the world the birth of a baby? In what ways is a baby a meaningful sign of God’s redeeming work? What difference should it make to us that God worked through people who would normally have no power or influence? What does this say about the way God brings healing to the world? In what ways is it important that the promise to Joseph begins with “do not be afraid?”  How do we adjust our thinking around God’s way of bringing healing to the world?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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