Sermon:           “When We Fail to Be the Body of Christ”

Theme:            We will review what it means to worship in the love and compassion of Christ and how that calls us to practice our love for one another and for the world in the sacraments.

Purpose:          The congregation will examine their need to forgive, love, and accept one another in order to be right with God.

Scriptures:       John 13:12-20 Jesus washes the disciple’s feet and calls them to serve one another.

1 Corinthians 11:17-26   Paul corrects the Corinthian people in their practice of the Lord’s supper.



How does the Holy Spirit move us to think and feel differently about our brothers and sisters in Christ? What happens that causes us to hold onto divisions and grudges, and to be resistant to forgiving? In what ways does our lack of forgiveness affect the others in the body of Christ? In what ways does our tendency to be judgmental and intractable interfere with the life of the church? In what ways does seeing ourselves as servants for one another causes us to be restored in love and fellowship together?

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