6/18/2017 The things that Own Us; Identifying Our Slavery to Things.

“Cow-nt Your Blessings”

Sermon:           Slaves to Golden Calves

Theme:            We become slaves to those things that become more precious than our relationship with God.

Purpose:          To make the congregation aware of the condition of being slaves to possessions.

Scriptures:       Exodus 20:1-6 You will have no other gods or idols.

Luke 18:18-30  The story of the wealthy young man.


What does it mean to put God first in our lives? In what ways are we prone to make idols to replace God?  When Jesus asked the rich young ruler to sell everything, was this a command to us all or an invitation specifically for this particular individual?  What would have happened if this young man had embraced Jesus’ invitation? What is meant by the “iniquity of parents” carrying out to three or four generations but blessings going to the thousandth generation?  How do we embrace the gift of living free of slavery to our possessions and enjoy our possessions in a healthy way?

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