8/27/2017 “Blame or Blameless” End of Sacred Cows Series

I hate to say it but the problem is you.

“Are you the sour milk”

Sermon:           “Are You the Sour Milk?”

Theme:            We have control over how we perceive and interact with the conflicts in which we are a part.

Purpose:          The congregation will take time for self-examination and seek to learn from the conflicts in which they have become involved.

Scriptures:       Ephesians 6:10-19       Put on the whole armor of God, we wrestle not with flesh and blood.

John 5:1-15     Do you want to be made well?



What does it mean that we do not “wrestle with flesh and blood” but with spiritual powers?  What are the spiritual powers with which we are wrestling today? What are the battles and conflicts that we have experienced repeatedly? How can we come to see our own role in the conflicts and problems that we face? How do we answer the question: “Do you want to be healed?” What is our role in coming to see differently and learn through times of conflict?

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