8/20/2017 Conflict – An Opportunity for Growth LMPC Healing Worship Service

The Udder Side of Relationships

Sermon:           “The Ways We Learn and Grow”

Theme:            God’s people have always had to go through periods of working through their differences in order to grow and move forward.

Purpose:          The congregation will appreciate healing and recognize growth through the process in which we have been engaged.

Scriptures:       James 4:1-12   Where do these conflicts come from?  Do not speak evil against one another.

Matthew 18:15-20      If another member of the church sins against you.



In what ways have you grown spiritually through participating in the LMPC training and process? How have you come to see conflicts and disputes differently? What is the difference between seeking to “win” and seeking to grow in the love and knowledge of Christ Jesus? What is our mission in assisting those who are floundering in conflict and alienation in the world? In what ways to do we see working through differences and strong emotions to be a necessary part of growth?

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