October 8, 2017 Called to Put Faith Into Action

Sermon:           “Called to Put Our Faith into True Action”

Theme:            Christians will show their knowledge of Christ through forgiveness and working for God’s justice In the world.

Purpose:          The congregation will recognize our true call to serve and set our egos aside.

Scriptures:       Philippians 3:4b-14     Paul’s history of religious practice versus growing in the love and knowledge of God.

Matthew 21:33-46      Parable of the Landowner and the unfaithful tenants.


What is the real meaning of faithfulness? What difference does it make to a person to faithfully practice their relationship with Christ? How does this affect a person’s view of themselves? How does this affect our view of our work and practice? Is the purpose of being Christ just to feel better about ourselves or does our joy and confidence flow out of an experience that comes out of being in Christ? What does this do to our attitude towards rewards and accolades?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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