12/24/2017  Fourth Sunday of Advent   One Service 9:00 AM  

Sermon:  “Everything is Different Today”

Theme:    To receive the message of Christ’s presence we need to allow Jesus to change us and enable us to take part in changing the world.

Purpose:  The congregation will be open to the power of God’s love transforming us and the world.

Scriptures:   Titus 3:4-7 Christ saved us through his mercy and transforms us.

John 1:1-14 In the beginning was the Word – Jesus is the light of the world.


Do we see Christ in the light of Advent or are we focusing on the glitter and distractions of the season? As Advent comes to a close are we preparing our hearts for something new and transforming? What would we like to receive in our hearts for this Christmas? What would we like to experience in terms of healing or release with the coming of Christ? What parts of our lives have continued to be in darkness that have been waiting for the light to come? Can we share the light of Christ with someone who is particularly in need of hope, encouragement, or love?

Click HERE to listen to the message.


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