February 18, 2018 1st Sunday of Lent Covenant with Noah

Sermon:           God’s Promises and Love.

Theme:            God’s love is for all people, and God’s desire is for everyone to be reconciled.

Purpose:          The congregation will seek to practice love, even for those who are different and often seen as enemies.

Scriptures:       Genesis 9:8-17 The sign of the rainbow as a covenant of grace.

Mark 1:9-15    Jesus is baptized and God bestows his blessing of love, as Jesus seeks to fulfill his work.

Practice:          Offering blessings and acknowledging the needs of others.



What difference is there for us that Jesus was affirmed as the “Beloved Son” in whom God is well pleased? What does God speak over us? In what ways do we receive the gift of God’s covenant that all is for our benefit and healing? How can we practice blessing others and recognizing them as in the process of growing in God’s image? How do we get out of seeing people as “problems” or focusing on faults and instead see others as beloved children of God?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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