February 25, 2018 2nd Sunday of Lent Covenant with Abram and Sarai

Sermon:           “If We Are Ready to Follow, Then…”

Theme:            God calls us to fulfillment and purpose through using the gifts and abilities we have entrusted to be in meaningful relationships.

Purpose:          The congregation will examine and consider their call to meaningful relationships and healing.

Scriptures:       Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16 The covenant with Abram and Sarai.

Mark 8:31-38  If any want to follow Christ, they must take up their own cross.

Practice:          Confession and recognition of what our regrets.



What does it mean to us to be willing to take up our own cross and follow Jesus? In what ways does seeking to have control and stability cause us to lose our meaning in life? In what ways do the risks of faithfulness lead to lasting meaningful relationships? In what ways do the strengths to admit our guilt and errors lead us to be able to move forward in our relationship with God, other people, and sense of our own value? In what ways does our own growth in wisdom, self-differentiation, and spiritual maturity become a gift to the people around us?

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