5/27/2018 Memorial Day Weekend (back to one service)

Sermon:           “The Water and the Spirit”

Theme:            The people of God are empowered by a relationship with God that is in community with one another as God is in community within God’s self.

Purpose:          The congregation will examine their relationships with one another.

Scriptures:       Isaiah 6:1-8      Isaiah is called – “Here I am, Send me”

John 3:1-17     Jesus speaks with Nicodemus about the Water and the Spirit.



What difference does the Trinity make to us? What does it mean to us that God is in community within God’s self? How do we draw from the presence of God within us to be in relationships with one another and with the world? In what ways do we fail to participate in the fullness of God’s presence and power in our attempts to care for the world? How do we celebrate and live in the relationships of being God’s beloved people, abiding with Christ in the world?

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