August 5, 2018 – Churchnic Outdoor Worship, Communion.

Sermon:           Salty Neighbors

Theme:            We are called to focus on being Christ’s loving presence in the world.

Purpose:          The congregation will seek to find ways that they can be active, making a difference in the world.

Scriptures:       Colossians 2:8-17        Do not get caught up in philosophies or arguments, but know that you are forgiven through the death of Christ.

Matthew 5:13-16        You are the light of the world, you are the salt of the earth.



How can we be the “salt” that preserves and prevents decay in the community? What do we need to do in order to not become caught up in ideology or debates, but instead focus on doing things that bring hope and healing in the world? What causes neighbors to become divided or hostile towards each other? What are the vulnerabilities that cause people to become focused on insignificant differences rather than finding places of common hope and concern? How do we focus on developing the fullness of Christ’s wisdom?

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