9/23/2018 The strength of weakness.

Sermon:           “Real Faith: Wisdom and Humility”

Theme:            Strength and peace flow from the maturity and wisdom of releasing our need for control and importance.

Purpose:          The congregation will examine themselves in order to learn and grow in humility.

Scriptures:       James 3:13-4:3, 7-8a   Gentleness and wisdom are keys to contentment.

Mark 9:30-37  Disciples arguing over who is greatest in the kingdom of God.


What does it mean to be humble? What are the benefits that humility creates in a wise Christian? In what ways does humility enable Christians to focus on what is truly meaningful and important rather than to be distracted by their own insecurity? In what ways does humility give the wisdom to see our challenges differently? What does it mean to us that Jesus taught that whoever is greatest is the servant of all?

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