9/30/2018 Choosing God’s side.

Sermon:           Real Faith: Real Strength and Meaning”

Theme:            Through mature Christian faith we have strength to create peace which overcomes the suffering and loss in the world around us.

Purpose:          The congregation will commit to a deeper, wiser faith and renounce the stumbling blocks of envy and grievances.

Scriptures:       James 5:13-20 Prayer is a healing balm for physical suffering and broken communities.

Mark 9:38-50  Whoever is not against us is for us, do not create stumbling blocks.


What does it mean to place a “stumbling block” before one of God’s little ones? What causes people who are fragile in faith to stumble? How do we take seriously the large number of people who have had unpleasant experiences as a result of feeling judged or attacked by religious people? How do we develop relationships that are authentic, caring, and healing? How can we become a source of hope and healing for the many people struggling to find direction?

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