November 4th, 2018 Communion Sunday

Sermon:          “Where You Go…”

Theme:            Real love commits to staying, abiding, and consistency rather than being conditional or based on appetites.

Purpose:         The congregation will seek to develop consistency in commitments.

Scriptures:      Ruth 1:1-18     Ruth promises to never abandon her mother-in-law in spite of loss and hardship.

Mark 12:28-34 We love God and others with our whole selves.


What does it mean to us to have meaningful and committed relationships? In what ways does our commitment to Christ’s love affect the relationships of the people who are closest to us? How does Jesus enable us to be healthier and stronger in our relationships with the people who are nearest to us? What does it mean to love God with all our heart, mind, and strength? In what ways does dedicating all of our love to God give us so much more love to give to the people who are near us?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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