06/02/2019 Communion, Education Sunday, Sermon: Father who art in Heaven

Theme:          We come to a relationship with a heavenly father that provides healing and becomes our source of confidence in the world.

Purpose:         The congregation will consider their experience with “father” and will seek to know God as a healthy heavenly father.

Scriptures:     Romans 8:31-39           Spirit of God intercedes, Abba Father.

                        Matthew 6:5-8            Your Father knows what you need before you pray.

Questions: Who is our “Heavenly Father?” What does it mean to call God “Father?” How does our relationship with our earthly father affect our relationship with God as father? Is God really masculine or is it a parenting relationship? How do we relate to God as a healthy father – child relationship? How do we learn to find joy in our sharing God as our Father together? What do we need to imagine or picture in our mind to find God’s presence comforting and reassuring?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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