06/09/2019 Pentecost Sunday Sermon: Holy is Your Name

Theme:            We need to experience the gift of sacred space and holiness in order to know God’s presence in a powerful and mysterious way.   

Purpose:          The congregation will explore where they experience what is sacred and holy in their lives.

Scriptures:       Hebrews 10:19-25       We are cleansed to enter together into worship.

Acts 2:1-21      The Holy Spirit pours out on all people, enabling glorifying God in every language.

Questions: What does Pentecost mean to us today? What does it mean to share the Holy Spirit in our lives together? What is the holiness of God? What does it mean to hold God’s name in holiness? Does that mean we should not swear or is it something more? In what ways does God’s holiness affect our perspective about the world around us? How is it important that we have some things sacred together? How does God’s Holy Spirit renew what is sacred in our relationships with one another? How does the holiness of God’s Name and Pentecost draw us together as one people?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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