August 4th, 2019 Communion, Outdoor Worship, Churchnic

Sermon:           I Believe in Jesus Christ, God’s Begotten Son.           

Theme:            We believe in Jesus as God’s gift of love to share with us relationship with God.   

Purpose:          The congregation will appreciate the love of God for humanity in Christ.   

Scriptures:       Luke 1:26-38   Jesus is born to the virgin Mary.

                        John 3:16-21   God sent the son into the world to save the world.


What is “begotten?” Is there a “c”gotten? When did Jesus know that he was “special?” When was Jesus actually born (was he around before he was born)? What does it mean that Jesus is uniquely begotten of God? What is our relationship with God through Jesus? What does it mean that God sent Jesus to the world out of love? How do we relate to the story of the virgin Mary? Does it matter whether we believe in the virgin birth of Jesus?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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