10/6/2019 World Communion Sunday, Christians Seek Healthy Family Relationships

Theme:            Meaningless conflicts, disrespect, and broken relationships are signs of immaturity and a lack of submission to Christ. Christians instead practice behaviors that support healthy family relationships.

Purpose:          The congregation will seek to support discipleship practices in their family.

Scriptures:       2 Timothy 1:1-14         Do not be ashamed of the testimony of God; a faith that Timothy received through his grandmother and mother.

                        Luke 17:5-10   Faithfulness creates faithfulness.


How is our relationship with Christ reflected in our family and other close relationships? In what ways does our knowledge of God enhance and enable us to be healthy and joyful in our relationships? In what ways are conflicts and family issues a result of failing to practice healthy forgiveness, compassion, kindness, and grace? In what ways do family struggles arise from other issues and problems that our faith and practice do not enable us to address well? How does our relationship with God assist us in those times of irreconcilable conflicts?

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