10/13/2019 Christians Thrive in “Babylon”

Theme:            The people of God work with the circumstances in which they live for peace and healing.

Purpose:          Christians are adaptable and practical in their faith, which means that they seek what is best for themselves and the people who are around them.

Scriptures:       Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7      Work to accomplish what is best in the city of your exile.

                        2 Timothy 2:8-15         Endure in the midst of hardships, Christ is faithful to us, do not get caught up in meaningless controversy.


How do Christians respond to situations in which their faith conflicts with the culture and practices around them? How do Christians manage to live their faith without being obstinate, conceited, or arrogant? How do we keep our values and priorities in a world that pushes for conformity? How do we “stand out” for Christ without being rude or inconsiderate? How do we seek what is best for the land in which we live? What does it mean to be strangers in a strange land?

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